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Hydroseeding mulch for small area greening

Hydroseeding mulch for small area greening is an equipment used for beautification. Planting soil, landscaping grass seeds, water-retaining agent, adhesive and fertilizer are mixed with water in a mixing container to form colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed and sown on the slope to be sown by a pressure pump.

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Hydroseeding mulch for small area greening is driven by single diesel, electronic control, easily operation. It is especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam etc.

soil spraying machine
soil spraying machine

If planting a relatively large area, Greening hydroseeding machine machine can be completed in a very short period of time. It can be very effective for hillsides and sloping lawns to help with erosion control and quick planting. Advantages as the following:

High production efficiency

Combined with higher speed and stroke, the capacity is highly approved.

Less consumes parts, low running cost

Reasonable structure, advanced working principle and reliable operation, all parts of the china hydroseeder machine are wear-resistant protection, the maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum.

Hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearance cavity, a high degree of automation to reduce downtime

Hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port and overload protection make the operation level of the grass seeding machine is greatly improved.

A variety of spray nozzle for choose

Long distance, atomization, fan 60 degrees, fan 90 degrees are provided

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