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Assembly of hydraulic jacks
date: 2023-01-08
Before using the hydraulic jack, one of the things we have to do is to assemble the hydraulic jack. In a balanced system, less pressure is exerted on the smaller piston and more pressure is exerted on the larger piston, which keeps the liquid at rest. Therefore, through the transmission of the liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, so that a transformation purpose can be achieved. The assembly of hydraulic jacks seems simple, but in fact, it is stumbling for many people. The editor below has compiled some knowledge about the assembly of hydraulic jacks for you. I hope the following content can help you better complete the assembly of hydraulic jacks.Work:
1. First, carefully remove the burrs at the sharp edges of each sharp corner, and then clean it.
2. Correctly install the seals of the hydraulic jack. For directional seals, be careful not to mistake the assembly direction of the seal. For seals that are difficult to assemble, use a guide assembly tool to assemble the seals. In all likelihood, the seal will be broken, so be careful not to twist it during assembly.
3. After the piston and the piston rod are assembled, they should rest on the two V-shaped blocks, and measure the coaxiality error and the straightness error on the whole length with the dial indicator.
4. Add hydraulic oil to the cylinder bore to help the hydraulic jack piston enter the cylinder bore. After the piston assembly is installed in the cylinder hole, it should be able to be tapped in at least lightly, and there will be no blockage and unevenness of weight when tapped.

hydraulic jack assembly

The above is the relevant knowledge of hydraulic jack assembly. I hope the above content will be helpful to you. If you need to buy hydraulic jack, please contact us directly: sales1@leadcrete.com.

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