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double piston plastering machine
LMP70/30 Double Piston Plastering Machine
LMP70/30 double piston plastering machine can handle aggregates with a particle size up to a maximum of 5 mm, ensuring high efficiency, low maintenance costs, and low energy consumption. 
double piston plastering machine
Double Piston Mortar Plastering Pump
Double piston mortar plastering pump consists of a push mechanism, a distribution mechanism, pneumatic control and an injection mechanism, and an electronic control device. Double piston mortar plastering pump is mainly professional spraying equipment specially used for spraying mortar. It can be used for spraying mortar with particles below 5 mm. 
screw type plaster machine price
LMP3 Screw Type Plaster Machine Price
LMP3 screw type plaster machine is a high-pressure screw mortar spraying machine with reasonable price, advanced technology, easy operation, simple maintenance at the later stage, and skilled operation without special training. There is almost no ashes, water and materials fall in, and the cost can be reduced by more than 20%.
mortar spraying pump supplier
LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Pump Supplier
LMP50/40 mortar spraying pump is a kind of piston and ball controlling pump, and the conveying line, piston and cylinder is specially designed and processed, so this machine is workable for high-pressure grouting/spraying mortar(the mixture of sand: cement: water).
cement spraying machine manufacturer
LMP40/10-H Cement Spraying Machine Manufacturer
LMP40/10-H cement spraying machine is designed as the combination of LH38-430 hose pump(peristaltic type), mini air compressor and frequency converter by Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. cement spraying machine manufacturer.
LMP35/30 Mortar Spraying Pump
LMP35/30 Wall Plaster Machine for Sale
LMP35/30 wall plaster machine for sale is a piston pump with one single cylinder single acting, mainly was designed for conveying and spraying mortar or plaster. LMP35/30 wall plaster machine for sale has compact structure reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning, easy maintenance and high pumping pressure etc advantages, so it has widely been using for mortar spraying, pumping and grouting in tunnel excavation and maintenance mine engineering, constructing dams, bridges and foundation treatment etc. projects.
mortar spraying machine
LH32H Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale
LH32H mortar spraying machine for sale is a micro-mortar transport, spraying equipment, which is designed based on the combination spraying characteristics of hose pumps and mortar(or similar materials)pumping.