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foam concrete machine supplier
LFC1000-H Foam concrete machine supplier
LFC1000-H foam concrete machine is composed of mixer, agitator, foam generator, hose pump, equipped with screw feeder, belt conveyor and submersible pump. The equipment is equipped with a weighing sensor and automatic batching system, which can set each batching weight and realize automatic feeding and full mixing. The process is completely controlled by the auto-weighing system. After the preparation work is completed, press the automatic button to start the automatic working. The mixer is started to mixing. Sand, cement, water and foaming agent are loaded in turn and mixed quickly after reaching the set weight. After the mixing is even, open the discharge door. The mixture flow down into the lower screen of the agitator. The low speed mixing blades are equipped in this agitator. After the mixture completely flow down, close the door and continue the next batch mixing. At the same time, start the hose pump to pump the foam concrete mixture to the work site.
foam concrete machine for sale
LF5 5m3/h Foam Concrete Machine For Sale
LF5 foam concrete machine for sale is specially designed for small building or production according to market demand. LF5 foam concrete machine for sale is small in size, light in weight, easy to move and operate, and stable in performance, which can meet the requirements of different project sizes. The machine integrates pumping, foaming and mixing systems into one, which is easy to use.
concrete foam machine
LM2000 Concrete Foaming Machine
LM2000 concrete foaming machine is one of the high capacity foam concrete mixers. It includes feeding systems, pumping systems, foaming systems and mixing systems. All procedures are program controlled and very labor efficient. The amount of feed, water and foam can be accurately weighed to ensure the quality of the final foamed concrete.
precast foam cement wall panel machine
LP30 Precast Foam Cement Wall Panel Machine
LP30 precast foam cement wall panel machine puts cement and water into a slurry mixing and then mix them in a certain proportion, press them into transmission pipelines through hydraulic cylinder: According to a certain proportion foam mixed with water and then mixed with compressed air by the high-pressure pump: In the pipeline it form the high-densit foam and meticulous, at last form the foam cement with the slurry in the pipeline.
clc brick making machine
LF20 CLC Brick Making Machine
LF20 CLC brick making machine is a medium-sized foamed concrete brick making machine based on many years of experience, with completely independent intellectual property rights.
aircrete machine for sale
LF10B Aircrete Machine for Sale
LF10B aircrete machine for sale is a self-developed patented product. It adopts advanced control technology to continuously and accurately adjust the density of foamed cement. It can also meet the production of foamed concrete products with different densities. The output is 10 cubic meters per hour. Loading operation. LF10B aircrete machine for sale is easy to operate and easy to move. It has continuous feeding and water supply systems, high pumping height and low power requirements.
Concrete foam agent
LA40 Concrete foam agent
Put this concrete foam agent into concrete, it is a product with moisture retention, impermeability, moisture retention, light weight and sound insulation.