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Diesel jetting triplex plunger grout pump for sale
date: 2024-03-20
A container diesel jetting triplex plunger pump is a type of high-pressure pump that is commonly used for jetting or injecting fluids into underground structures, such as tunnels, mines, and dams. It is often used in construction and engineering projects to help stabilize or reinforce these structures.
diesel jetting triplex pump
diesel jetting triplex pumps

The diesel jetting triplex plunger grout pump, also known as a high-pressure grout pump, is a type of pump that is used to pump grout or slurry at high pressure. The pump is equipped with a diesel engine, which provides power for the pump mechanism.

grout pump unit in 20ft container

The pump works by using a reciprocating motion to draw the grout or slurry into the pump and then force it out at high pressure through a nozzle or hose. This high-pressure output is what makes this pump ideal for injecting grout or slurry into small spaces or tight crevices, such as in rock formations or soil.

jet grouting pump in 20ft container

The diesel jetting triplex plunger grout pump is commonly used in construction projects for tunneling, mining, and foundation repairs. It is also used in dam and bridge repairs, as well as in soil stabilization applications.

triplex plunger grout mud pump

If you're interested in purchasing a diesel jetting triplex plunger grout pump, Leadcrete Equipment is a reliable supplier that offers customized solutions to meet your specific needs. They can also provide advice on the use of this equipment and help you determine the best application for your project. Email address: sales1@leadcrete.com

triplex plunger pump
skid mounted pumping unit in 20ft container

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