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Hydroseeding used wood fiber
date: 2023-12-18
The role of wood fiber mulch is in areas damaged by natural or unnatural forces. The topsoil is often the parent material layer of raw soil or powdery soil, which has poor water and fertilizer retention capabilities. It is necessary to use fibrous coverings and additives to increase substances that are conducive to plant growth. , to improve the ability to conserve water and fertilizer.

spraying seeding used wood fiber

First, the primary role is to cover the surface topsoil. The wood fiber mulch used for hydroseeding forms a layer of fiber blanket with a certain thickness and uniform density on the topsoil, which can prevent the erosion of the topsoil by wind and rain. The strength of the fiber blanket overlay depends on factors such as the length of the plant fibers, the thickness of the fiber blanket, and the number of adhesive additives added. The larger the slenderness ratio of the fibers, the better the interweaving properties of the fibers and the better the strength of the fiber blanket. Increasing the thickness of the fiber blanket and adding adhesive additives can help increase the strength of the fiber blanket, but at the same time increase the construction cost.

Hydroseeding used wood fiber

The second is to improve the soil structure. The surface of wood fiber can absorb a large number of fine dust particles, which increases the particles of powdery soil and reduces the possibility of flying. The organic matter content of wood fiber is relatively high, which is conducive to the growth of microorganisms and can promote soil ripening.

The third effect is to increase soil fertility. The content of lignocellulosic organic matter reaches 95-99%, and it also contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals required for plant growth, which is itself a medium for new plant growth.

The fourth function is to conserve water. The unique wood structure of wood fiber makes it have better water retention performance than other fibers, with large water absorption and water holding capacity, and slow and uniform water release. Under the same rainfall, the wetting period of wood fiber and grass fiber covering layers of the same quality is different, and the wetting period of wood fiber is about 25% higher.

hydroseeding used wood fiber mulch

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