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Introduction of hydroseeding machine
date: 2022-06-23
Firstly, Leadcrete Equipment is a Chinese machinery manufacturer with 20 years of experience. We have our own technical team as well as the ability to conduct research and development. We manufacture products that meet international quality standards and meet the needs of our customers by ensuring timely delivery and providing exceptional service. We provide vigorous performance in imaginative approach and modern technology, which are the corporate structure principles of our company. Our commitment is to be the customer's preferred partner in our market by consistently providing excellent and cost-effective product supply solutions.

introduction of hydroseeding machine

Secondly, hydroseeding machine is one of the hot products of our company. Hydroseeding Machine is ideal for greening rock, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zones, dam coasts, and other plant growth issues. The hydroseeding machine is now commonly used in projects such as highway slope greening, high-speed railway slope greening, mining greening, ecological restoration, desert control, and others.

hydroseeding machine introduction

Thirdly, hydroseeding machine is a new type of greening method in which grass seeds for greening are mixed with water retaining agents, binders, and fertilizers, etc., in a mixing container with water to form a gelatinous mixed slurry, which is sprayed on the land to be sown with a pressure pump. Since the slurry mixture contains water retaining materials and various nutrients, it ensures water and other sources of nutrients needed for plant growth, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly. It is suitable for greening operations in large areas, especially in drought-prone areas where watering facilities are lacking.
hydroseeding machine for sale

Fourth, the advantages of using a hydroseeding machine are numerous. For example, the spraying concentration of a hydroseeding machine can reach 50% to 70%, and the cost of using one is relatively low (both in terms of acquisition and labor costs). Hydroseeding machines also greatly improve construction safety, are easy to move, and are especially suitable for low slopes and more dispersed slopes. The design is practical, the entire machine is self-contained, and it is simple to operate.
hydro seeding machine
Fifth, hydroseeding machine construction process is as follows:
1. Clear up the work surface by backfilling low-lying regions with appropriate mulch or planting bags to make the installation of the hydroseeding machine easier while also boosting the work surface's greening effect.
2. Hang wire mesh: by hanging wire mesh, the hydroseeding substrate can be formed into a long-lasting complete plate on the rock surface. After that, hydroseeding is applied.
3. Cover the non-woven cloth next: this serves two purposes: first, it prevents the operation surface from being washed away by rain after it has formed; second, it keeps heat and moisture in and promotes plant growth.
4. Maintenance and management: grass seeds must be irrigated and managed to keep the soil moist from germination through seedling stage.

hydroseeder with wheels

Finally, currently hydroseeding machines are exported to the following countries: South Africa, Greece , Philippines and other countries.
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