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Compact grout plants for tunneling grouting
date: 2019-05-22
Lead Equipment have been providing ground engineering equipment to the mining, construction and tunneling industries for more than 10 years. Products range of colloidal grout mixers, agitators and grout plant, grout station. Lead Equipment expertise is in the design, produce and manufacture of grouting equipment.
As for the grouting injection system, mainly include stand-alone colloidal mixers and grout pumps, integrated mixer/pump, also called grout plant and grout station, tunnel grouting systems for TBM’s and containerised grout mixing systems.
As for the compact grout plants, they are widely used in the following applications:
Tunnelling: backfilling grouting, consolidation grouting, contact grouting, rockbolts and anchors.
Microtunnelling/Pipejacking/Directional Drilling: bentonite lubrication, stabilization grouting.
Dam Construction: grout curtains, joint grouting, consolidation grouting, permeability tests.
Anchoring: cement and mortar injection for rock and soil anchors, injection drilled anchors, post injection anchors, soil nailing.
Diaphragm and slurry walls: fully automated mixing plants for bentonite and slurry wall suspensions.
Soil mixing and deep mixing.
Professional in grouting, and flow and pressure can be also custom made according to your projects. Also the mixer volume and agitator volume can be custom made. Water cooler and air cooler ensures the machine more stable and reliable. For more information about the Compact grout plants for micro tunneling and tunneling grouting, please email us: sales@leadcrete.com

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