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Colloidal grout mixing plant for backfill grouting
date: 2021-06-08
Leadcrete colloidal grout mixing plant for backfill grouting is an advanced grout mixing and pumping system. Colloidal grout mixing plant is built using modular design principles, with a focus on ease of use and scalability. We build perfect grout mixing equipment.

It is used for mixing the cement (or similar material) and water under high efficiency and then high pressure grout the cement slurry or similar slurry to do the sealing, strengthening and stabilizing of rock and soil in Tunneling, Mining, Hydro-power Project, Slope Stabilizing and underground project, etc.
Colloidal grout mixing plant for backfill grouting

Grout mixing plant for backfill grouting produces high yields while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The colloidal grout plant for backfill grouting can be mounted on trailers or skis and is built for the following applications:
1. Spray the grout.
2. Soil mixing.
3. Tunnel drilling, two components of the ring empty backfilling slurry.
4. Permeable slurry.
5. Stir in the puffed soil.
6. Paste backfill.
7. Cement pile stone factory.
grout mixing plant for backfill grouting

The main features of our backfill grouting mixing plant:
1. The entire factory with mixing and grouting;
2. The column pump of backfill grouting plant is used as an oil pump for reliable work under high pressure:
3. Variable displacement pump for low heat system and high system efficiency:
4. Solenoid-operated directional valve or mechanical directional valve can be selected according to different working environments.
6. High reliability, vertical installation of the motor, easy sealing, low failure rate, and good sealing:
7. Using ordinary rubber tube as the consumable part of the control valve, easy to construct.

The colloidal grout mixing plant uses a rectangular agitator to make the equipment compact and small. Hydraulic changeover and hydraulic drive of the vertical slurry pump. Successfully applied to customer grout engineering sites in Vietnam. For more information, please send us an inquiry!

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