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Hydroseeder for slope protection

Hydroseeder for slope protection uses a high-power diesel engine and performance to help you work in slope greening. Its ability to adapt to long-distance spray makes it an excellent machine for mine ecological restoration, suitable for high and steep slopes. Hydroseeder for slope protection has two powerful drivers, a high-performance special pump and high material delivery capacity, which is most suitable for stable soil slope, high fill embankment slope, and artificial soil slope above 45 degrees.

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Hydroseeder for slope protection is widely used, not only for spraying and planting rice, grass, trees, flowers, seeds, and other crops, but also for daily maintenance and soil improvements such as irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide spraying.

hydroseeder for hillside greening
hydroseeder for hillside greening

Water based mixture for spraying slurry, grass seed, fiber cover, fertilizer, water retaining agent and adhesive. It is used for residential landscape, commercial landscape, soil erosion control, mine restoration, etc.

small hydro seeder
small hydro seeder

Hydroseeder for slope protectiont is also applicable to stable soil slopes, high fill subgrade slopes, artificial soil slopes, lawns, paddy fields, gardens, golf courses, parks, schools, soil improvement and erosion control sites.




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