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Hydroseeding machine price

Hydroseeding machine with factory price uses agglomerates to make the foreign soil produce a granulated structure, and the reinforcing rib chemical fiber plays a role similar to that of the underground stems of green plants, and then casts a corresponding wall thickness, which is resistant to rainfall and wind corrosion, and is stable ventilation, similar to or better than the natural subsoil texture of porous soil.

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Hydroseeding machine seeding material is the key element to ensure the success of spraying. Peat soil is a good raw material for spraying. It can be mixed with wood fiber (or paper paddle) according to the corresponding ratio. It has better adhesion and water-holding properties than simple wood fiber. It can be used in thin and very thin soil layers. , and even on the surface of weathered rock slopes, the wall thickness of spraying is usually 10-20cm. 2. Moisturizer and adhesive dosage. A moisturizing agent can be made according to different climatic conditions and quarry characteristics across the country; the adhesive can be determined according to the slope of the cliff, which is proportional to the size of the slope.

2600 gallon hydroseeding equipment for sale
2600 gallon hydroseeding equipment for sale

According to the engineering construction operation regulations, select protective measures, erect scaffolding steel pipes, lay moso bamboo scaffolding on the bottom, hang safety protection on the top, or hang ropes from the mountain to tie the construction. The scaffolding of Hydroseeding machine shall be erected according to the scaffolding construction specifications, and the on-site construction personnel shall wear hats and necessary labor protection equipment.

easy lawn hydroseeder for sale
easy lawn hydroseeder for sale

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