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250L refractory planetary mixer for sale
date: 2024-01-19
The 250L refractory planetary mixer we developed can stir most refractory materials. Through forced stirring of the refractory materials up and down and left and right mixing, the mixing materials can be dispersed and mixed more completely, achieving high homogeneity and complex mixing. The trajectory creates the distinct advantageous performance of the vertical shaft planetary mixer. The mixed refractory materials have higher homogeneity, and the mixing needs of the industry are fully met.
250kg refractory planetary mixer for sale
250kg refractory planetary mixer

refractory planetary mixer designs a special gear box according to most refractory working conditions, which makes the operation smoother and more stable. It also realizes the stable and reliable operation of the planetary vertical shaft mixer. The high wear-resistant alloy lining plate has strong durability and can be used in large areas. It extends the service life of the refractory material mixer equipment to a certain extent. The sealing device has good performance, which can ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and ensure that dust will not enter the cylinder and affect the quality of the material. The leakage of the material will cause pollution to the surrounding environment. Work High efficiency, low energy consumption, thinking from the perspective of users in the refractory industry, and controlling users' thinking.
250L refractory planetary mixer for sale
250L refractory planetary mixer

The 250L refractory planetary mixer has a wide mixing area. After multi-dimensional mixing, the equipment has small mixing resistance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable performance, and low noise planetary transmission device, which greatly improves the advantages of refractory material applications.
refractory planetary mixer for sale
planetary refractory mixer

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