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The structural characteristics of hydraulic jack
date: 2023-01-22
The hydraulic jack is driven by manpower or electricity to drive the hydraulic pump. The whole is driven by the hydraulic system, and the cylinder or piston is used as the jacking part. It is divided into integral type and separate type. The integral type pump is connected with the hydraulic cylinder. Integrate into one, while the separate pump and hydraulic cylinder are separated, and the center is connected with a high-pressure hose.

structural of hydraulic jack

The hydraulic jack has a compact structure and can lift heavy objects smoothly. The maximum lifting capacity has reached 1,000 tons, the stroke is 1 meter, and the transmission power is high, so it is widely used; but it is prone to oil leakage and is not suitable for long-term support of heavy objects. If long-term support needs to use self-locking top, spiral hydraulic jack and hydraulic jack can be made into multi-stage telescopic type in order to further reduce the shape height or increase the jacking interval.

characteristics of hydraulic jack

According to the above analysis, some specific technical requirements are put forward in the design of the hydraulic lift hydraulic system. Regarding the failure of the hydraulic system, since the hydraulic cylinder is the leading driving force for lifting, the hydraulic cylinder needs to move along with the lifting arrangement. The connected pipeline plays a primary role in the entire safety system. Therefore, in the planned hydraulic pipeline, the oil pipe with steel mesh inside the hard glue should be used as much as possible, and the piping needs of the oil pipe should be ensured to reduce the hydraulic pressure caused by the split and leakage of the system pipeline. possibility of system failure.

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