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Wet shotcreting machine for sale
date: 2023-01-28
LSZ3000E wet shotcreting machine, referred to as 3000E wet shotcrete machine for short, is a rotor type shotcrete equipment. The 3000E rotor type wet mix concrete wet spraying machine adopts the original rotor-cam feeding mechanism at home and abroad, which completely solves the problem of sticking and clogging of the wet-mixed finished concrete material in the rotor material, and realizes the feeding of small aggregates and the uniform thin flow in the pipeline. continuous delivery.

wet shotcreting machine

Wet shotcreting machine for sale is a device used for wet shotcrete. It mainly uses fluid power to transport ready-mixed concrete through pipelines and spray it to the sprayed surface at high speed. It depends on the continuous impact and compaction of cement and aggregate during the spraying process. The formation of a layer of concrete supporting layer is the core equipment of tunnel construction.

The dust next to the machine is less than 10mg/m3, the average rebound is s15%, the surface of the spray layer is smooth, and the thickness of the spray layer can reach 10cm ~ 20cm at one time. , More importantly, a concrete guarantee system is established through the wet spraying process to make the concrete quality reliable.

At the same time, with wet spraying technology as the technological guarantee, high-performance concrete technology can be developed and implemented, and its development will support the technical level and expand the application scope of concrete.

LSZ3000E wet concrete spraying machine performance characteristics:
1. Forced feeding in the machine completely solves the problem of the rotor cavity sticking, and has strong adaptability to concrete (high-strength and fiber-reinforced concrete).
2. The three material cavities are fed radially at the same time, which truly realizes the thin flow transportation of plastic concrete in the pipeline, the material flow is continuous, the pipe is not blocked, the nozzle recoil is small, the rebound is low, and the spray layer surface is smooth.
3. Adopt anti-sticking technology and use forced pump feeding inside the machine to completely solve the problem of sticking in the material cavity
4. Unique structure and reliable performance.
5. The metering pump is accurate and adjustable, and the atomizing jet and the high flow of the nozzle make the accelerator and concrete mix evenly.

LSZ3000E wet gunite machine application:
LSZ3000E wet concrete spraying machine is mainly used in culverts, underground engineering, coal mines, mine shafts, water conservancy and electric power engineering and slope protection, soil nail wall engineering, bolt and shotcrete support construction.
Compared with dry spraying machine and machine, concrete wet spraying machine has obvious advantages such as small operation dust, less rebound, protection work, saving raw materials, spraying layer, etc., and it is easy to operate. Also applies to:
1. Underground engineering: main support and lining of mine tunnels, flexible, hydraulic tunnels and cavities of various types of use (underground power station underground warehouse. etc.).
2. Thin-walled structural engineering: thin-shell roofs, prestressed construction of reservoirs and storage tanks, etc.
3. Repair and reinforcement works: bridges, seawalls, chimneys, cooling, bridges, dams, piers, building structural reinforcement, chemical corrosion, fire, earthquake, shock, overload or construction, unfavorable factors, such as repairing damaged structures .
4. Breakwaters in geotechnical engineering, slopes, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools, deep foundation pits, irrigation, retaining walls.
5. Protection works: all kinds of fireproof coatings for steel structures.
6. Refractory projects: building chimneys and various hot melting furnaces and repairs.

wet concrete spraying machine

Three key technologies of LSZ3000E wet shotcreting machine:
1. Anti-sticking technology: The machine is forced to pump and feed the material, which completely solves the problem of sticking material in the material cavity.
2. Uniform thin flow technology: Three material cavities are fed radially at the same time to achieve uniform thin flow transportation in plastic concrete pipes.
3. Accelerator addition and control technology: The metering pump is accurate and adjustable, and the atomizing jet and the high material flow of the nozzle make the accelerator and concrete mix evenly.

wet shotcreting machine for sale

Shotcrete construction method, before the implementation of shotcrete operation, mainly do the following aspects:
1. Check the loose rock blocks and loose bodies on the sprayed surface.
2. Dust and clean the rock surface to ensure that the concrete and rock have a good combination.
3. Before spraying, the spray layer thickness mark should be made on the sprayed surface, which has reached the design index.

The following principles should be followed in the construction method of shotcrete:
1. The feeding speed should be uniform and continuous, and there should be a certain amount of storage in the feeding hopper.
2. Remove the coarse material or other foreign matter with particle size larger than 15mm on the vibrating screen in time.
3. When operating the nozzle, the sprayer should try to make the nozzle vertical to the sprayed surface, and the distance should be about 1.0m.
4. When spraying concrete, it should be sprayed from bottom to top in pieces, and the nozzle should be rotated in a spiral shape to spray evenly to the rock surface.

Shotcrete construction method, on-site quality control mainly takes the following measures:
1. Check whether the thickness of the sprayed layer on the surface to be sprayed is consistent with the set thickness mark, otherwise, the spraying will be added to the design thickness.
2. The uneven concrete surface should be re-sprayed in time until it is smooth.
3. The hollow or peeling layer shall be chiseled, and then sprayed or grouted for subsequent reinforcement.
4. Randomly check the thickness of spray layer by drilling or ultrasonic method.

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