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China hydroseeding machine
date: 2023-08-22
China hydroseeding machine is a spray-on water-based mixture of grass seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. It is often used to grow grass on steep slopes to help prevent soil erosion. The process of hydroseeding involves fiber mulch, fertilizer, water, seed and sometimes lime being mixed together inside a tank, and then applied directly over a prepared ground, using a spray hose. Once the lawn area is thoroughly sprayed, the moist fiber mulch then works to produce a bond with the soil, and also gives the seeds a water-retaining layer to defend them against the sunlight, erosion and wind. Once the seeds start to germinate, and the fiber mulch gradually decompose, providing the soil with nutrients.
 China hydroseeding machine
Hydroseeding method was widely accepted by, many contractors and landscape engineers due to its high performance. China hydroseeding machine is a complementary application used together with Erosion Control Blanket. The slurry consists of fertilizer, signal grass seeds, mulching material. Fibromat manufactures Erosion Control Blanket, which consists primarily of organic fibre. It outperforms and is more cost-effective than conventional erosion control methods.
China hydroseeding machine
As compared to conventional turfing, China hydroseeding machine is more effective, installation friendly and it has deeper root zone with better coverage. Employing the most superior Erosion Control Blanket and the quality service. Fibromat is able to provide you with outstanding Slope Protection solution.
Hydroseeding and greening technology is a great innovation of modern greening technology, which has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low investment and low cost. Some countries have been widely used. The basic principle is to use machinery to mix seeds, fertilizers, clay, glue and water, mix and spray, and make seeds adhere to the ground. When the climate and soil are suitable, the seeds can germinate and grow quickly and greening quickly. A sprayer can greener tens to hundreds of mu per hour. China hydroseeding machine is widely used, where greening is needed.
China hydroseeding machine
 Slope greening equipment spray-seeding project also needs early maintenance, because whether the pre-maintenance is in place or not is related to the survival rate and growth status of plants. Prior maintenance includes:
1.Sprinkler curing: using high pressure sprayer to make the curing water into a uniform wet slope, pay attention to the control of the distance between the spray head and the slope surface and the moving speed to ensure the formation of runoff without high pressure flowing water impact on the slope surface. The duration of conservation depends on the growth of slope vegetation.
2.Topdressing: topdressing should be based on the needs of plant growth.
3.timely supplementary seeding: after the germination of grass seeds, the sparse grass-free areas should be seeded in time. According to the actual situation, retaining wall and other retaining structures can be arranged at the foot of the slope.

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