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Maintenance and repair of shotcrete machine
date: 2023-09-19
LSZ-10S Shotcrete machine is suitable for arduous environment and little trouble occurrence. However, maintenance and care should be taken to stable its function and prolong its working duration. 

maintenance and repair of shotcrete machine

1. Sealing Plate and Rotor Disk are key parts and must pay more attention to ensure no failure occurs during working.
Clamping force on sealing plate does not distribute evenly. The most differential force exists between the material discharge opening and the air overflow hole. Further, Max. Clamping force position floats back and forth while Rotor running. This problem can be solved by three-point floating clamping device, which ensures very little air leakage between the friction surfaces. So proper clamping is very important to prevent machine wear and tear.
If clamping is not fit, compressed air will leak from the friction surface with little granular which will lead dust emission around the machine. These little granular can damage sealing plate and make sealing degrade in a short time.
Too high-tension force in Sealing Plate is not allowed, otherwise over heat and over wear will be occurred by friction. Sealing plate’s temperature limit is 110℃. In working , its suitable temperature is below 80℃.
Each shift should clear sealing plate and check it tear condition. If its rubber surface is worn to the same height as the end of reinforce bar inside it, it must be changed (Fig.2) for its sealing capacity will be reduced.
Check Rotor Disk once a week. If Rotor Disk is deeply carved (1mm), it should be re-polished.
The hole of edges in Rotor Disk should be checked frequently. It should be kept sharp all the time. If the hole of edges are blunt; small particles will enter the friction faces and lead more wearing.
Polish Rotor Disk in time will decrease much trouble and save cost.
maintenance of shotcrete machine

2.Chambers and Vortex Stream Implement are made of non-adhesive material and are not clogged in normal condition. However, they should be checked and cleared after every shift.
pneumatic aliva shotcrete machine

3. Pay attention to speed reducer frequently.
A. Its lubrication oil should be of No.50 Gear Oil (SY1172-77S) or No.30 Machinery Oil.
B. Reducer temperature rising should not exceed 40℃.
C. After every shift, the clogged material on Reduce surface should be cleared off.
D. Monitor Oil level indicator regularly, fills it up when lubrication oil is not enough.
E. Change new lubrication oil after 250 working hours (about 3 mouths).
F. Check it regularly if there is any oil leakage of Reducer and handles it in time.
G. Add lubrication grease to the bearing on the square shaft of Rotor every week.
H. Clear the air vent shield on Reducer to ensure it unblocked.

4. Check Agitating plate and Agitating Paddle to see if there is any distortion or welding failure frequently and adjust the clearance (about 4mm) between Agitating Plate and Hopper Bottom to ensure it not friction Hopper Bottom directly.
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5. Air Motor should be driven by dry clean compressed air, and oil sprayer should be mounded on the pipe system. Moist oil enters Air Motor with compressed air. Lubrication oil should be of No.20 or No.30 machinery oil.

6. Filter Water Trap and Pressure Reduction Valve on the air driven system should be checked frequently to ensure air system unblocked.    

7. Heavy striking should be avoided when repairing Air Motor. After Air Motor completely assembled, its crank can be moved freely and evenly.

Sealing plate and Rotor Disk Repair:
1. Surface turning and grinding of Sealing Plate
To avoid Sealing Plate deformation while being restored. A magnetic clamping plate or a rigidly fixing device should be used to clamp Sealing Plate on the lathe, then lathe its surface about 2-3mm till the deepest carves disappear, then grind its surface by a grinding machine or an emery wheel 2-3 times.
The reinforce bar inside Sealing Plate must be about 2mm lower than the plate surface (Fig.2).
Work piece speed——200r/min
Grinding wheel speed——about 1600r/min 
Feeding speed——0.2-0.3mm/r
repair of shotcrete machine

2. Rotor Disk Restoration
Separate Rotor Disk and Rotor with a delicate chisel. Heavy hammers must not be used so as not to damage brittle rotor disk.
Clear the friction surfaces of Rotor and Rotor Disk.
Grind Rotor Disk until all the nicks disappear.
When assembling Rotor Disk to Rotor. Insert the pin into the positioned pin hole first and make it 1-1.5mm lower than the surface of Rotor Disk. More attention should be paid that the pin must not be higher than the surface of Rotor Disk so as not to damage Rubble Sealing Plate.
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