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How to choose a suitable hose to replace the industrial hose pump?
date: 2023-09-12
How to choose a suitable hose to replace the industrial hose pump?
The hose of an industrial hose pump is the most common wearing part, and how to quickly replace the hose is also one of the most frequently asked questions. In fact, the method is very simple, only need three steps:
1. Remove the front end cover and the shaft retaining ring on the pressing roller to remove the roller.
2. Loosen the stiffening hoop to take out the inlet and outlet nozzles, and the U-shaped hose can be taken out from the pump cavity.
3. The hose installation and replacement can be reversed.
Installation of the hose: plug it in from the water inlet. Since the hose cannot be flattened by hand, the rotor body can only be rotated by the motor. After the pressure roller on the rotor body is in close contact with the hose, it drives the hose toward The water outlet moves, and the motor is powered off when it reaches the appropriate position.
Selection of pipes: The following factors are mainly considered: corrosion resistance, operating conditions (pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.), toxicity and price. These conditions affect each other and must be fully weighed in order to achieve economical and rational selection. Due to the long service life of the silicone tube, the continuous operation time can reach more than 1200h when the pump head speed is 50r/min, it has good elasticity, high chemical stability, non-toxic and inexpensive, so it is widely used at present.

squeeze hose for hose pump

For industrial hose pump / squeeze pump / peristaltic pump, the most wearable part is the hose, so high-quality precision is required, the Leadcrete equipment uses the highest quality compound rubber material on the market, and through multi-layer braided nylon and ensures soft Manufacturing process with precise and constant dimensional tolerances at every point along the entire length of the tube.

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