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Small concrete conveying pump for sale
date: 2022-09-27
Small concrete conveying pump is mainly used for the transportation of concrete during construction. It must be operated in a standardized way and pay attention to its safety during construction. Maintenance and repair work can only be carried out after the concrete pump truck's engine is switched off and the outriggers are fixed and the accumulator pressure must be stopped.

concrete pump for sale

First of all, during the transportation of the small concrete pump, make sure that the concrete in the actual bucket is higher than the footing. To prevent a hazardous situation (if prevented), the effect of inhaled gas must be considered. When the pipeline phenomenon occurs, the pressure in the pipeline must be released first, and then the concrete pump pipeline can be disassembled. Only in this way can the danger be reduced to a lower level, and during the parking process, it should be parked in a relatively stable place and ensure that there are no accidents.

small concrete conveying pump

Advantages of Small concrete pump:
1. The power of the pump is very small, only 5.5kw. In the case of no power supply, it only needs to be equipped with a small generator to work.
2. It is the smallest concrete pump truck in China, and it is the choice for many narrow construction environments.
3. The pump is light in weight and easy to move.
4. The pump has high configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.
5. The price of the pump is affordable. There are three configurations of micro mortar pump, micro fine stone concrete pump and micro concrete pump for customers to choose.
6. Adopting the automatic air pressure technology of piston structure, the working pressure is large, the pumping distance is long, and the pumping height is high.

small concrete conveying pump for sale

The purpose of small concrete conveying pump:
1. In construction projects, it is used to transport mortar vertically and horizontally.
2. In the metallurgical steel sector, it is used to repair blast furnaces and other equipment.
3. In farmland water conservancy projects, it is used to reinforce dams; sand wells are used to reinforce well walls, etc.; in railway construction, it is used for grouting reinforcement of bridges and culverts.

diesel concrete pump application

Precautions for Small concrete conveying pump:
1. The S rotary valve swings and reverses to generate side force.
2. When the pump truck is working, the mechanical parts in motion will generate reaction force. Let's first look at the forces that occur when pumping.
3. The influence of the concrete pump truck in the transportation pipeline during the reversing process.
4. The torque generated by the boom when the remote boom is activated.

diesel concrete conveying pump

concrete conveying pump for sale

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