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12.7mm and 15.24mm PC strand for sale
12.7mm and 15.24mm prestressed cable PC strand is one of the most important products in our enterprise, which is used to match the high end structures of concrete such as railways, highways, bridges, mine, nuclear power plant, hydropower, large-span buildings and so on.
3.5, LO≥500mm
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Product Details
Technical data
12.7mm and 15.24mm prestressed cable PC strand for sale is one of the most important products in our enterprise, which is used to match the high end structures of concrete such as railways, highways, bridges, mine, nuclear power plant, hydropower, large-span buildings and so on.
The diameter and structure of the prestressed concrete strand pc strand have reached the international advanced level, especially in the field of rock stratum reinforcement. The product has the characteristics of high strength, high breaking force, high elongation and low support cost. In the field of strengthening the rock stratum, the product has a good effect on improving the safety factor and strengthening the anchoring force.

12.7mm and 15.24mm PC strand manufacturer
Leadcrete company can produce various models PC strand for sale according to different standards of products, specifications are as follows:
Diameter: 9.3mm PC strand, 9.53mm PC strand, 11.1mm PC strand, 12.5mm PC strand, 12.7mm PC strand, 12.9mm PC strand, 15.24mm PC strand, 15.7mm PC strand, 17.8mm PC strand, 18.9mm PC strand, 21.6mm PC strand, 21.8mm PC strand
We are steel strand for prestressed concrete supplier and manufacturer, and we have various models prestressed cable strand for sale.
(1)Steel Strand for PC Concrete PC strand
Standard GB/T5224 pc strand:
1×7-9.5mm  11.1mm  12.7mm anchor strand 15.2mm rope wire  15.7mm  17.8mm  21.6mm,
Standard ASTM416 PC strand
1×7-7.9mm 9.53mm 11.11mm 12.7mm rope wire 13.2mm 14.29mm  15.24mm 17.8mm,
Standard BS 5896 pc strand
1×7-8.0mm 9.3mm 9.6mm 11.0mm 12.5mm 12.9mm 15.2mm 15.7mm,
Standard JIS G3536 PC strand
1×7-12.7mm 15.2mm,
Standard UNE 36094 PC strand
1×7-9.3mm 13.0mm 15.2mm,
Standard KS D PC strand
1×7-9.5mm 11.1.0mm 12.7mm 15.2mm,
Standard AS/NZS4672 PC strand
9.5mm(7 wire) 12.7mm 15.2mm,
(2) Unbonded PC Strand
1x7-9.5mm 12.7mm 15.2mm 15.7mm,
(3) Prestressed Steel Wire PC wire
Plain steel wire for prestressed concrete/indented wire /spiral rib steel wire
3.0mm 4.0mm 4.8mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 6.25mm 7.0mm 8.0mm 9.0mm 10.0mm 12mm
Our company produces all kinds of anti-corrosion steel strand products, such as boundless steel strand, galvanized steel frame, etc. Now, our company is a strong tensioning pc strand manufacturer, with the largest variety, the most standardized structure, the largest tension of the steel strand products.
With successfully applying the ISO 9001 quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system certificated, together with continually developing of new technology, we confidently can assure the pc steel rope quality and customers satisfaction.
PC strand is made of 7 or 19 cold drawn light steel round steel wires or sawtooth steel wires. After stabilization, pc strand for prestressing anchor can be used as an efficient energy-saving material for concrete structures. The stabilization treatment uses the furnace temperature induced by the pull medium frequency. The technology of producing PC strand with low relaxation is the independent intellectual property right of our enterprise. Low relaxation products have core competitiveness and reach the international advanced level.
1. Prestressed cable is mainly for the use of prestressed concrete structure reinforced.
2. Such as large –span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring project, multi-story industrial buildings, stadiums, and coal mines, etc.
3. PC strand for sale is used as cable for special bridges and maintenance of bridges.
4. Prestressed cable strand for sale is used in concrete pillars and supports for the construction of buildings, domes for nuclear power plants and reinforcement of LNG concrete tanks.
5. PC strand for prestressing anchor is used as floor and roof reinforcement for sports stadiums.
6. PC strand can be extensively used in construction materials for PC panels, high-pressure concrete water pipes, marine structures, towers and runways.
1. High tensile strength and elongation.
2. Tensioning pc strand is low relaxation value.
3. 12.7mm anchor strand is with small stress losing.
4. Excellent durable anti-fatigue performance.
5. Grade: 250K / 270K / 290K, Tensile Strength: 1770Mpa / 1860Mpa / 1960Mpa, the 1000h Relaxation is 2.0% max and the elongation is 4.0% min.
6. Unbonded and bonded prestressing steel strand has a good corrosion-resistance and less friction of un-bonded tendons and can be easily bended into curve shape.
7. Prestressed cable strand for sale is suitable for making cast-in-place concrete of long-span and wide building cover, heavy load prefabricated beam and other special structures.
8. 12.7mm PC strand,15.24mm PC strand,9.53mm PC strand has a lot of characters such as no need of grout hole and grouting, convenient to use, material-saved, bending easily and so on. 
9. Categories: plain, galvanized, PE coated, epoxy resin coated, spiral ribs, indented.
Product Details
Low relaxation pc strand
7 wire strand
Prestressing steel strand price
Prestressed concrete steel strand
15.24mm steel strand
PC strand wire
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Nominal diameter Standard Yielding load  Elongation Relaxation value Theoretical weight per KM
Initiate loads/ Relaxation value
(mm) (Mpa) (KN) (LO≥500mm) maximum nominal load *100% 1000 hours no more than/glass (Kg)

12.7 1860 166 3.5 70 >2.5 >775
>15.2 >1860 >260 >3.5 >80 >4.5 >1101
>17.8 >1860 >353 >3.5 >80 >4.5 >1500

>11.11 >1860 >138 >3.5 >70 >2.5 >582
>12.7 >1860 >184 >3.5 >70 >2.5 >775
>15.24 >1860 >261 >3.5 >70 >2.5 >1102


>9.3 >1860 >92 >3.5 >80 >2.5 >408
>11 >1860 >125 >3.5 >80 >2.5 >557
12.5 1860 164 3.5 80 2.5 730
15.2 1860 232 3.5 80 2.5 1090


9.5 1860 86 3.5 70 2.5 430
11.1 1860 117 3.5 70 2.5 582
12.7 1860 156 3.5 70 2.5 775
15.2 1860 220 3.5 70 4.5 1101
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