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LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine
LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine is a small, economical, versatile, simple, and safe refractory gunning machine for refractory installation in steel plants, cement factories, furnaces, etc.
Product Details
Technical data
LZ-6AR/RD Gunning Machine is a refractory gunning machine with a maximum output of 6m3/h, driven by an air motor / pneumatic motor. It can provides a steady flow of material, which allows uniform hydration and very smooth spraying. 

air motor reed gunning machine

pneumatic motor gunite machine for spraying refractory

The compact LZ-6AR/RD is capable of spraying through 38mm inner diameter conveying hoses. The adjustable output of the material may be increased without sacrificing the quality of the application.

pneumatic motor gunite machine

pneumatic motor gunning machine for refractory

LZ-6AR/RD uses a pneumatic motor to rotate the machine's material feed bowl. An air compressor is required to convey material from the feed bowl to the nozzle (sold separately).

pneumatic motor shotcrete machine

pneumatic shotcrete machine

Working principle of LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine:
① The dry material is sent down through the hopper into the pocket of the rotating feeding wheel below.
② The rotating feeding wheel is driven by heavy-duty oil bath gears, making the mixture rotate under the conveying air inlet and outlet.
③ With the introduction of compressed air, the mixture is discharged from the feed wheel pocket, and then enters the hose through the outlet.
④ Then the dry mixture is sent to the nozzle through the hose in the form of suspension, and water is added at the nozzle, and the water and the dry material are mixed.
working principle of refractory gunning machine

LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine is widely used in refractory spraying and installing projects.

pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory

The application fields are as follows:
1. Refractory Spraying;
2. Retaining and Fire Walls;
3. Tunnels and Mine Support;
4. Pools and Spas;
5. Structural Concrete Repair;
6. Slope Stabilization;
7. Dams and Reservoirs;
8. Sand and Gravel Backfill.

LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine features:
1. Easy to operate and maintain;
2. Light weight and easy to move;
3. Direct drive 5HP air motor;
4. Bag breaker included;
5. Continuous feed hopper;
6. Pressure gauges, pressure visible;
7. Double-blade materials agitator;
8. Rubber plates can be quickly replaced.
pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine structure

Pre-dampening nozzle assy features:
1. Improve refractory compactness and strength;
2. Reduce additive water amount;
3. Low rebound, low dust.
Pre-dampening Nozzle Assy
Product Details
Air motor
Bag breaker
Discharge pipe
Pneumatic tyre
Pressure gauges
Rubber plate
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Model LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor gunning machine
Maximum output 6m³/hr 
Max. aggregate size 10mm
Feed bowl pocket number 16
Hose ID 38mm
Air motor power 5HP
Air consumption 9-11m³/min 
Dimension 1100×790×920mm
Weight 230Kg

Maximum theoretical performance is shown above. Actual performance will vary depending on a slump, mix design, and delivery line diameter. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

LZ-6AR/RD Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine design diagram:

Pneumatic motor refractory gunning machine design diagram
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