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Grouting mixer manufacturers

Grouting mixer manufacturers is used mainly for mixing concrete in slope-protection, swimming pool, tunnel, mine project. According to different spray process, shotcrete machine for sale in Singapore is divided into dry mix machine and wet mix machine.

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Grouting mixer manufacturers use air pressure to convey dry material from the machine through the hose to the nozzle where water is added. The addition of the compressed air adds velocity to the concrete so it sprays out of the nozzle. This velocity, combined with the low slump of the shotcrete mix, allows the concrete to be sprayed on slopes, vertical walls, and overhead. Compared with wet mix shotcrete machine, dry mix shotcrete machine need lower displacement air compressor. As what we know, wet materails weight is larger than common dry materials. Grouting mixer manufacturers in Singapore have three kind different capacity, 3m3/h, 5m3/h, and 9m3/h. Customers could choose suitable model dry mix shotcrete machine according to project demands.Grouting mixer manufacturers is nice quality, having a competitice price.
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