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Hydroseeding unit

The hydroseeding unit is mainly used for stable seeding and greening of slopes, road slope protection, and spraying grass. and many more.
Diesel-driven, mainly electronic control, easy-to-operate hydroseeding unit is especially suitable for field operations, suitable for all kinds of rocks, hard soil, barren soil, acid soil, arid areas, coastal dams, and other places where plants are difficult to grow green spray.

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Usage of Hydroseeding unit:  


Sports Fields

Golf course

Parks and Recreation

Schools and Universities

Residential Landscaping & Construction

Commercial Landscaping & Construction

hydro mulcher grass seeds spraying machine
hydro mulcher grass seeds spraying machine

Product Features of Hydroseeding unit:

1. Attractive appearance, compact structure.
2. With good integral mobility and complete supporting accessories.
3. Hydroseeding unit is equipped with an electric-start diesel engine, easy to operate.
4. Good working performance, high-efficiency Hydroseeding unit.
5. Various types for your choice.

hydroseed pump
hydroseed pump
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