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LMP-5X Screw type mortar grout mixer pump
LMP-5X Screw type mortar grout mixer pump represents a high-efficiency technological innovation. It is designed for large-area plastering applications, including plastering mortar, thermal insulation mortar, and thick layers of mortar. Additionally, it finds extensive use in construction for various mortar types such as masonry mortar, reinforced mortar, filling mortar, perfusion mortar, fiber mortar, and self-leveling mortar. This machine is a versatile solution for a range of plastering needs.
Screw pump
Product Details
Technical data
LMP-5X Screw type mortar grout mixer pump is based on a worm/screw type pump with a powerful 5.5 kW drive, it is especially suitable for users who pump and spray pumpable wet mortar with a grain size of up to 6mm. The LMP-5X plastering machine boasts a modular system that can be seamlessly integrated with the pan mixer. This mixer facilitates the blending of high-quality materials supplied in bagged form.

screw type mortar grout mixer pump

mortar plastering pump with mixer

LMP-5X screw type mortar pump is well-suited for a diverse range of materials, including cement suspensions, ground coat plasters, insulating plasters, rough coat and textured plasters, trowel plaster, adhesive-bonded joint, masonry mortar, refractory mortar, sealing suspensions, injection mortar, filling and anchoring mortar, dispersion plaster, fiber mortar, fiberglass concrete, bonding mortar, stucco, and grouts. It serves equally well for both exterior plaster (lime, lime cement, and insulating plaster) and interior plaster (lime plaster). The modular design and compatibility with the pan mixer enhance its versatility in various plastering applications.

screw type mortar spraying machine

mortar plastering machine with worm pump
LMP-5X Screw type mortar grout mixer pump excels in pre-sprayed applications, making it ideal for the application of various materials, including decorative plaster, structural plaster, leveling plaster, and applying adhesive layers. It is capable of handling materials with a fraction of up to 6 mm, such as sand, cement, ready-made dry mix, plaster and insulation solutions, textured plaster, adhesives, masonry mortars, injectable solutions, decorative plasters, reinforced solutions (fiberglass), and self-leveling floors. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of plastering and construction projects.

screw type plaster machine
The key features of the LMP-5X screw type grout mixer pump include:
  • Innovative shield design.
  • Geared motor with a safety lock, preventing unintentional speed changes.
  • Compressor support plate for enhanced stability.
  • Complete set of components, including a mortar hose, air hose, spray gun, nozzle, and remote control.
  • Interchangeability of wear parts and accessories with the Putzmeister S5 series, ensuring compatibility and ease of maintenance.

mortar spray plaster pump for cement, fireproof, mortar

mortar plastering machine for cement spray

Product Details
100L capacity mixer
Electric control box inside
Electric motor screw pump plastering machine with mixer
Motar mixer with pump
One body control box
Plastering machine with mixer
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Item Technical data
Mixer volume 100L
Agitator volume 100L
Pump type Screw pump
Output 7-40L/min
Pressure 25Bar
Outlet hose 1.5’’
Acceptable max. aggregate size 6mm
Voltage 400v, 50HZ
Power 5.5kw+2.2kw
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