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LRM 100kg 250kg 500kg Refractory Castable Pan Mixer
LRM refractory castable mixers are designed by refractory castable mixer manufacturer Lead Equipment for mixing refractory materials, castable materials, etc.
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Product Details
Technical data
LRM refractory castable mixers are designed by refractory castable mixer manufacturer Lead Equipment for mixing refractory materials, castable materials, etc.

250kg refractory castable mixer

250kg capacity refractory planetary mixer

LRM refractory castable mixer can be used in both stationary and mobile designs. It features outstanding performance. To ensure easy movement in the workplace, the LRM100 and LRM250 refractory pot mixers are equipped with walking wheels, and the LRM500 frame has forklift holes. The bottom and inner walls of the mixer have a highly wear-resistant steel lining, and five pieces of mixing arms for different purposes can evenly mix the refractories without voids.

refractory castable pan mixer
Compared with ordinary concrete mixers, LRM refractory castable mixers have many outstanding features. The mixing speed and homogeneity are very high. With internal lining to prevent the abrasion of the mixed material on the drum, the replaceable high wear-resistant lining can be continued, low maintenance cost and long service life

planetary mixer for refractory

LRM refractory castable mixers are used to mix refractories, castables, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixes and glass materials. Can be used in conjunction with refractory wet shotcrete machine for spraying refractory materials in steel industry.

LRM refractory castable mixers are the best-selling products of refractory castable mixer manufacturer Lead Equipment, which are exported to home and abroad.

250kg Refractory Castable Pan Mixer

500kg Refractory Pan Mixer

The specific characteristics of the 100kg 250kg 500kg refractory pan mixer are as follows:
1. Pan mixer;
2. Special designed for site operation;
3. Fast mixing speed and homogenous;
4. Compact structure;
5. Comfortable feeding height;
6. Easy to move;
7. With bag breaker;
8. Water spray nozzles;
9. Low maintenance cost.

Safety Feature:
If the top lid door is opened in between the operation, machine can stop automatically. Because there is a limit switch between the top lid door and the hopper, once the top lid is opened, the power will cut off automatically and confirm the safety for operator.  

Product Details
Electric control box for refractory pan mixer
Mixing blade and wear-resistant linner
Limit switch for protection operator
Refractory pan mixer equipped with ABB variable-frequency drive
Refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door
Planetary mixing
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Item LRM100 100kg Refractory Castable Mixer LRM250 250kg Refractory Castable Mixer LRM500 500kg Refractory Castable Mixer
Mixing capacity 100kg 250kg 500kg
Rotating speed 33rpm 34rpm 36rpm
Motor Power 4kw 7.5kw 11kw
Feeding Height 1100mm 1200mm 1300mm
Dimensions 1.4*1.3*1.1m 1.48*1.38*1.23m 1.7*1.25*1.35m
Weight 550kg 650kg 1010kg
Note:Technical data may change due to technical progress,subject to modification without notice.

refractory pan mixer for sale
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