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Cement slurry grout mixer price

Leadcrete Equipment in one leading cement slurry grout mixer price in China. The cement slurry grout mixer with high efficient production than common paddle grout mixer.

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Where could we get a competitive cement slurry grout mixer price?
Leadcrete Equipment is the top brand of cement slurry grout mixers in China.According to engine difference, there are electric colloidal grout mixer and diesel engine drive colloidal grout mixer for option.And according to mixer capacity difference, here are also many types for option.Different type colloidal cement slurry grout mixers are with different price.Cement slurry grout mixer is used in grouting construction to mix slurry specially; Cement slurry grout mixer has wide application in engineering department of water resource and electric power, coal, railway, traffic, construction, mine etc.
Cement slurry grout mixer could mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives rapidly.Suitable type and the best price will be offered to you according to your demands on the engine and capacity us.Leadcrete Equipment has its own technical team and with research and development ability, could design theCement slurry grout mixerccording to your demands, also could customize color for you. Please contact us now for right grout mixer and you like color!!!
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