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Customized grout mixer

If you are insterested in our customized grout mixer,please feel free to contact us to get more information about the customized grout mixer.

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Usually making cement paste equipment include grout mixer and agitator.Customer told us, they want to put 500kg cement to mixer at one time, according to their demands, we design one baffle based on original mixer to put cement and dust fall.Please check the following photos for more detailed information.cement mixer & agitator is speciallya design for continuous cement mixing and grouting in ground/underground engineering. It can produce various types of grout, such as water, cement, bentonite and additive could be mixed in the mixer machine, then the mixed slurry can be stored into a agitator, thus the mixing work can continuously be done.we have many types for option, also could customized, tell us your demands, more suitable type and the best price will be offered.Any question or need, please feel free to tell us.
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Colloidal grouting mixing batching plant is a kind of mixing equipment specially used to produce slurry materials. It can mix cement, mineral powder, water and other raw materials in a certain proportion to form slurry, which is used for soil reinforcement, foundation reinforcement, and tunnel leakage repair. etc. It uses high-speed rotation and friction for mixing, which can evenly mix various raw materials in a short time, so that the mixed slurry has high uniformity and stability, thereby ensuring construction quality.

Compared with traditional concrete grouting equipment, Colloidal grouting mixing batching plant has the following advantages:

It can quickly and evenly mix various raw materials in a short time, thus improving construction efficiency and finished product quality.
The ratio can be precisely controlled to meet actual needs;
Compared with the traditional manual mixing method, it is also safer, more reliable and saves material and labor costs;
The size of the equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of users, and it is easy to move, install and use;
Cooperating with the relevant automatic control system, it can realize intelligent and automatic operation, greatly reduce the risk of human error and improve work efficiency.
In general, Colloidal grouting mixing batching plant is an important mixing equipment, which is widely used in soil reinforcement, foundation reinforcement, tunnel leakage repairing and other fields to improve construction efficiency and finished product quality.