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Erosion control hydroseeder

Leadcrete Equipment is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of hydroseeder, hydraulic sprayer, slope greening equipment, grout pump, concrete spraying machine and other mechanical equipment. The company’s main products are: erosion control hydroseeder , hydraulic seeding machine, slope greening equipment, grouting machine, grout pump, shotcrete machine and so on. The company started the research and development of hydroseeder at the beginning of its establishment, and is one of the earliest manufacturers of hydroseeder in China. The hydroseeder produced has been tested by the market for more than ten years, with stable quality and superior performance.

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Erosion control hydroseeder range of use:
Slope range: soil slope, earth-rock mixed slope, stone slope, etc.
Seeding thickness 1-15 cm
Slope requirements: less than 75 degrees, and above 75 degrees, the slope surface must be treated, and the effect depends on the situation
Slope length: The slope distance is less than 100 meters, and the effect is good. If it is more than 100 meters, it is recommended according to the site conditions. The slope is more than 100 meters long, and slope is more than 75 degrees high and steep. Special attention should be paid to the regreening of the mine.
The special high-pressure mud pump has a wide blade path and is not easy to get stuck in the pump; the mud pump has a large flow rate and high work efficiency (direct spraying can be completed in 15 minutes);
This equipment can add a proper amount of grass fiber and a large amount of rice husk and sawdust to increase the adhesion of the mud, which has a significant effect on spraying high and steep slopes;
The factory can customize different tank volumes, dimensions, and horsepower according to customer needs;
The hydroseeder has two types, mechanical and hydraulic, which can be determined according to the customer’s operating habits;
The high-power spray seeding machine can choose a vibrating screen at the loading port, which can achieve the function of free soil screening when the soil quality is good;

easy lawn hydroseeder for sale
easy lawn hydroseeder for sale

Care of erosion control hydroseeder:
The later maintenance of slope greening erosion control hydroseeder is very important after planting grass and regreening, “three-point planting, seven-point cultivation”. Cover the non-woven fabric in time after spraying with guest soil. Then carry out watering maintenance,
Commonly used covering materials after construction on site:
Greening non-woven fabric (white, green) specifications: 8g/square, 10g/square, 12g/square, 14g/square (recommended specifications), non-woven fabric is too thin, poor stretchability, workers covered, wind damage serious, specification 14g If the above non-woven fabric is too thick, the post-maintenance water permeability will be poor.
Shade Net Straw Curtain

skid mounted hydroseeder
skid mounted hydroseeder

Erosion control hydroseeder supporting equipment:
Carrying vehicles (according to the self-weight of the model and the tonnage of a full load of materials, configure the trucks with appropriate length, width, and horsepower, and consider the conditions of the construction site, road conditions, safety issues on uphill and downhill, etc. It is generally recommended to purchase second-hand vehicles)
Loading forklift (type 20 or 28 forklift, the lifting arm of the loading forklift exceeds 3.3 meters, if the lifting arm is insufficient, a forklift can be used to build a soil loading platform to solve the problem of insufficient lifting arm)
Equipment watering equipment: sprinklers, pumps, etc.

slope greening hydroseeder
slope greening hydroseeder


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