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Hydraulic hydromulching machine for grass seeds

Hydraulic hydromulching machine for grass seeds mainly applied to the vegetation protection of the high-speed public (iron) road slope, the biological protection of the river bank and the reconstruction of large-scale green land.

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Hydraulic hydromulching machine for grass seeds is an equipment used for beautification. Planting soil, landscaping grass seeds, water-retaining agent, adhesive and fertilizer are mixed with water in a mixing container to form colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed and sown on the slope to be sown by a pressure pump.

hydro seeding mulch
hydro seeding mulch

Advantages of Hydraulic hydromulching machine for grass seeds :

  1. It is driven by vehicles and powered by diesel engines, which has strong mobility and is suitable for field construction;
  2. Continuous loading of materials, uninterrupted construction and high construction efficiency;
  3. The crushing, mixing and stirring of materials are all completed by the same equipment, with compact structure, complete functions and simple operation. Accessories rack, portable charging lamp, complete set of steel cable shackle, spanner, screwdriver, high-pressure delivery pipe, water, multi-purpose funnel, etc. We only do R&D and manufacturing of easy operation greening hydroseeding, and apply the equipment to our own engineering construction, so as to make better use of the products.


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