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Mining grout mixer for sale

Mining grout mixer for sale use a high speed impeller to generate a shear vortex. The vortex action within the mixing chamber rapidly assimilates solids into the high shear mill, resulting in very rapid batch times. Also, as mixing occurs during the entire weigh cycle, actual mix cycle times are minimized.

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Lead Equipment has mining grout mixer for sale, electrical grout mixer makes mixing efficient and profitable for the owner. Cement, water, bentonite, additive etc.materials are drawn through the high speed impeller pump, the pump rotating speed is 1500rpm to prevent flocculation and achieve complete wetness. Mixing time is only need 2-3 minutes, save time cost, the high shear electric grout mixer have been shown to increase apparent fluidity of slurry mixes by 20% than paddle mixers, play an important advantage for dam, rock, soil grouting etc.

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