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LGP25/15 Small cement grout pump
We can supply you with high quality small type gasoline engine cement grout pump for sale with factory price.
Product Details
Technical data
LGP25/15 is small type gasoline engine cement grout pump. The piston is driven by the gasoline engine to produce reciprocating motion, and the cement slurry is sucked into the air chamber by the suction valve, and discharged through the pump cylinder. It has a wide range of applications, can be grouted various low-viscosity slurry materials with good fluidity, such as cement slurry and chemical slurry.
LGP25/15 small grout pump for sale is mainly used for bridges, houses small areas of seepage prevention, leakage prevention, plugging and repair; tunnels, mines, highways and other area without electric power supply etc.
1. Small size, light weight, easy to move cement grout pump;
2. Gasoline engine, don't need electric supply;
3. Simple structure, durable;
4. Small gasoline engine grout pump used for grouting cement slurry and chemical slurry.
Product Details
Small cement grout pump construction and dimension
Small grout pump construction and dimension
Small type gasoline engine cement grout pump construction and dimension
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Model LGP25/15 gasoline engine grout pump
Output Capacity 25L/min
Working Pressure 15bar
Piston Diameter 110mm
Piston Stroke 42mm
Cycle 90/time
Gasoline Engine Power 4.8Kw
Outlet Diameter 25/32mm
Inlet Diameter 19/25mm
Weight 120Kg
Dimension 1135x525x890mm
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