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LGP550/800/150/70DPL-E Grout pumping station system
Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of grout mixer and pump in China. Our LGP550/800/150/70DPL-E Grout pumping station system include many types, as well as an unique supplier with ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE certificate in below products in China.
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Product Details
Technical data
LGP550/800/150/70DPL-E Grout pumping station system consist of a mixer, agitator, and grout pump. The grout pumping station system is the most economical mixer on the market, and has been designed for fast cleaning and maintenance.  All crucial maintenance points are easily accessible. This setup is suitable for a wide range of applications such as anchoring, sleeve pipe and backfill grouting. For higher outputs and increased quality control, the grout plants are also available in semi-automated and fully automated versions. 
all in one grout pumping station system

LGP550/800/150/70DPL-E Grout pumping station system is high efficiency and low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Power option on the unit can be electric motor in addition to diesel according to customer requirement. So it is a cost-effective ideal machine  to meet your project requirements.
all in one grout station system

Control System of grout pumping plant system:
PLC with stroke counter
Lockable main switch, emergency stop
Mixer ON-OFF
Grout Pump ON-OFF

Optional of grout pumping unit system:
Auxiliary mixing unit
Automatic water meter
Remote control with 50m cable, ON-OFF
1. Cement grout plant system for sale is used for grouting of anchors, soil nails, tension cable as well as for sleeve pipe, rock and contact injections.

grout pump station application

2. Grout mixing pumping system is used for preparation and pumping of bentonite suspensions or pipe jacking and microtunneling.
1. Extremely compact mixing and injection system with central lifting point for easy transport and minimum installation time.
2. High productivity due to ergonomically positioned operating elements.
3. High reliability and low-maintenance operation with good accessibility to the wear parts.
4. Automatically to lubricate the seals of grout pump plungers and mixer centrifugal pump.
Pump performance of grout pump sation
Product Details
Compact grout station design
Compact grout station details
Compact grout pump station size
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Name LGP550/800/150/70DPL-E Grout pumping station system
Grouting Pump Output Capacity 9m3/h
Pressure and Output 70bar, 50L/min   
20bar, 150L/min
Max. Aggregate Size 8mm
Motor Power 11Kw
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase
Hydraulic Tank 140L
Pump Module Double
Cooling Water Flow Rate 5~6L/min
Cooling Water Connection BSP1/2”
Pressure Connection BSP2”
Suction Connection BSP2 1/2”
Mixer Volume 600L
Circulation Capacity 1400L/min
Motor Power 11Kw
W/C >0.5
Water Connection BSP1”
Agitator Volume 800L
Power 2.2Kw
Dimension 2100x2100x2250mm
Weight 1650Kg
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