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LGP1200/1200/2X75/100PI-E Automated mix and grout plant
Automated mixing and grouting plants for colloidal mixing and injection of suspensions for a range of different applications as well.
Product Details
Technical data
LGP1200/1200/2X75/100PI-E Automated mixing and grouting plant is a combination of a 1200L colloidal batch mixer, a 1200L tank agitator, a circulation pump, a delivery volume 40t/h screw feeder and 2 sets LGH75/100PI-E grouting pumps.
grout pump with 1200L mixer and 1200L agitator
grout plant with screw feeder
automated mixing and grouting plant with weighing module

The automated mixing and grouting plants' automatic mode is equipped with an electro-pneumatic system upon loadcells and a PLC that can freely adjust the proportion of water, cement, and additives, and can be set according to the formula of automatic configuration of materials, greatly improving the work efficiency.

all in one colloidal grout mixing plant
Automated colloidal batch mixer plant
automated colloidal grout mixers pumps
High-speed eddy current mixer ensures fast and even mixing. Water and cement are quickly mixed into a uniform slurry. The grout is then transferred to the grouting pump, which ensures continuous mixing and grout operations. 

application areas of automated mixing and grouting plant

LGP1200/1200/2X75/100PI-E Automated mixing and grouting plant is mainly used for making cement slurry, etc., which is applied to surface/underground construction, such as hydropower, construction, mining, highway, railway, etc. Possible application areas of LGP1200/1200/2X75/100PI-E Automated mixing and grouting plants are:
Anchor, rock injection
Ground stabilization
Geothermal applications
Well building
Sewer renovation
Sealing grouting
Gap sealing
Contact grouting
Pipe roof grouting
Sleeve pile injection
Cavity filling
Special civil engineering
Seal water sealing

Automated Grout and Slurry Batch Plants
automated grout pump plant
automated grouting mixing and pumping system
1. High speed vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly.
2. There are two operation modes: automatic mode grouting mixing plant and manual mode grouting mixing plant.
3. Automated mixing and grouting plant is with CE, and ISO certification.
4. Mixing and grouting plant has compact structure.
5. Automated grouting plant is simple operation and easy maintenance.
6. Automated mixing plant can realize automatic configuration and replenishment of materials.
7. The proportion of materials in the formula can be adjusted freely.
8. Flameproof electric cabinet, protection grade IP56.
9. Less spare parts ensure low maintenance costs.

automated grouting pumping system
High Capacity Grout Mixer Plant
high pressure grout plant

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mixing and grouting plant for sale
Product Details
1200L agitator tank
950L tank capacity water tank
Air compressor
Electric control cabinet
High pressure vertical grout pump
Screw feeder
Technical Parameters
Technical Data
Name Data
Model LGP1200/1200/2X75/100PI-E
Mixer Capacity 1200L
W/C ratio 0.5~1
Agitator Capacity 1200L
Power 3.0Kw
Circulation pump Power 15KW
Rate Rev. 1800r/min
Flow 850L/min
Screw feeder Power 7.5KW
Delivery volume 40t/h
Water supply Tank capacity 950L
Water pump 50ZX20-30 (4.0KW)
Flow@head 20m3/h@30m
Additive supply Tank capacity 150L
Additive pump 25SFBX-8 (0.25KW)
Flow@head 2m3/h@8m
Air Supply Air compressor V-0.25/8 (2.2KW)
Exhaust volume 0.25m3/min
Grouting pump Model LGH75/100PI-E
Piston diameter 100mm
Piston stroke 150mm
Low pressure@Flow 0-50bar@0-75L/min
High pressure@Flow 0-100bar@0-40L/min
Power 7.5Kw
Dimension(without screw feeder) 4700×2100×2150mm
Weight 3450Kg
Note: We can customize automated mixing and grouting plants according to your requirements.
Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.
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